Nintendo Switch Tips & Tricks

Are You Nintendo Player? If so, then this is it 😀

There’s nothing like a brand-new video game console to get gamers excited. It’s one thing to have a new game ready for you to experience. It’s another when the launch of that new game, in this case Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, arrives on the same day as the Nintendo Switch you’ve been hoping to get your hands on. With the console’s release night now firmly behind it, many are scouring the internet, forums and Nintendo’s own website for Nintendo Switch tips.

For sure, the Nintendo Switch is an amazing device. Revealed fully back in January, it’s part mobile gaming console, part living room experience. At any time, players can detach their Joy-Con Controllers on each side and play their favorite games wirelessly. They also have the option to drop the entire device in a dock and connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to game in a manner that they’re used to.

Here’s some great Nintendo Switch tips to get you started with the video game console that’s set to change how people game on the go and at home. Paired with some best-class Switch accessories, you’ll love your console even more than you do now.

Nintendo Switch Tips

Get a New Switch Joy-Con Grip
Add a Nintendo Account for Online Options
To Reset, Hold Down the Power Button
To Keep Things Light, Go Digital
Share Screenshots with Friends
Finding Other People
Add Storage Beneath the Kickstand

Nintendo Switch Tips: Get a New Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grip

The Switch comes with a very basic Joy-Con Grip. That’s the plastic holder that allows users to add their Joy-Con controllers and game wirelessly when their Switch handheld is docked. The Joy-Con Grip does exactly what Nintendo suggests it does, also it makes using the Joy-Cons more comfortable in any situation. There’s one problem with it though, and that issue is directly related to power.

The Joy-Con Grip included with your system doesn’t support charging. At some point you’ll need to stick them on the ends of your handheld to recharge, or you can pick up the Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip and charge them from there.  Note that you can also get around this issue by picking up the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Such a move makes a lot of sense, as you’ll get a controller form factor that you’re probably more experienced with anyway.

Nintendo Switch Tips: Add a Nintendo Account

For some strange reason, the Switch only guides you through creating a local account for your console when you first set it up. To add a Nintendo Account, head to the Home area, then select System Settings. Select Users. Now select the local account you’d like to add an Nintendo Account to. Then select Link Nintendo Account.

You’ll need to link a Nintendo Account to your local account to enjoy the online benefits of your Switch, like multiplayer and the eShop. You can reuse a Nintendo Account you already have, or create a new one. If you go with the last option, be sure to have a smartphone or PC nearby. Head to And when you need info about 8 ball pool hack or anything else about popular games trick you can just follow this